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Okay, my idea.
Welcome to the wonderful world of triops! To get started, you'll need some equipment. This is a basic guide to what you should consider when buying supplies.

The hatching container
A small container is best for hatching your triops. That way, the larvae won't have trouble finding their food.

A liter or a quarter-gallon would be about as big as you'll need for your triops. A brand-new food storage container is perfect. You could also use a fishbowl (seeing as they're too small for actual fish!). Any container that you haven't washed with soap or used chemicals in should be fine.

The tank
The size of your tank depends on how many triops you plan to keep. Half a gallon per triops is plenty for most species; the larger species may need more water, but T. longicaudatus, the kind you probably have, is an average size.

You can get tanks at any pet store, or find them used on sites like craigslist.org. You could also check yard sales and the classified in your newspaper. Any tank, new or used, should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water before use.

If your tank is used, you may wish to check it for leaks. To do so, fill it with water, dry the outside thoroughly, and place it on top of dry newspaper. Leave it overnight, then check to see if the newspaper is wet or dry.

The filter
Filters are optional. Triops don't need a cycled tank like fish and most other aquatic animals do. Filters can keep the tank looking much nicer, and they oxygenate the water. Nearly any type of filter will work. Choose one that has a 5x to 10x turnover rate - that means that in one hour, it pumps ten times the amount of water that is in your tank. For a five-gallon tank, you will want a filter that pumps 25 to 50 gph (gallons per hour).

The heater
Heaters are also optional, depending on the species of triops you plan to keep and the temperature of the room where you plan to keep them. If you do decide to use a heater, you will need to pick one that is strong enough, but not too strong. If it's not powerful enough, it won't keep the tank warm. If it's too powerful, it may overheat the tank and kill your triops. Heaters are ranked for tank size according to watts - units of electricity. Your heater should have 5W (five watts) for each gallon of water in your tank. A five-gallon tank needs a heater that's around 25W, but a bit more or less is OK.

When you plug in your heater, MAKE SURE IT'S UNDERWATER! Otherwise, it may explode. I am not kidding. This can happen. It's not pleasant, from what I hear. The heater should be underwater at any time that it is on!

The siphon
You might want to use a siphon to clean your triops tank. This is a hose that sucks water and debris. A very simple and inexpensive one will do fine.
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Have: T. longicaudatus (regular*, Black Beauty*, gonochoric), T. granarius*, T. canciformis (regular, red/albino/Japanese, Bavarian), T. australiensis (regular, green, silver/Queensland), T. newberryi*, T. mauritanicus, clam shrimp, fairy shrimp (red-tailed, spiny-tailed), seed shrimp
(* = successfully hatched and raised to adulthood)
Want: T. canciformis simplex (those blue ones), T. canciformis green type, Lepidurus, giant T. granarius (so-called T. numidicus), beaver-tailed fairy shrimp
For sale: nothing ATM
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